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The story of all ages, Romeo and Juliet by virtue of their young love demonstrated that despite opposing views, differences are meaningless when confronted by the purity of love. When creating the Norman Ambrose logo, Norman kept his mission in mind, that of honoring the women he loves and sharing that love with all women.

Intertwined A’s being the central focal point represent two elements, one inherent, the other symbolic. The first ‘A’ represents Ambrose, his heritage by name. The family name of Ambrose is rooted from the late Latin name Ambrosius, derived from the Greek name Ambrosios meaning "immortal". A firm believer that good taste stands the test of time, style is enduring and forever.

The second ‘A’ is dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, pleasure, and love. Born from the waves of the sea, she is the daughter of Zeus, King of the Gods of Mount Olympus. Identified with the planet Venus, she is symbolized by the rose, Norman's favorite flower.

Marble Statuette of Aphrodite Anadyomene, Hellenistic Period, late 2nd Century.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A finishing touch, the laurel wreath is symbolic of an imperial crown, chosen to symbolize the glory and confidence of a woman loved. 

Greek gold wreath. Second Century B.C.

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