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<< A society without beauty is soulless >>       (George Orwell) 


<< A society without beauty is soulless. >>     (George Orwell) 

"My customers are forever my source of inspiration and focus, just as the love for the women in my life. Illustrated Immortality is a project conceived to narrate the tales of love as seen through the eyes of these women. Working with an NYC based illustrator to capture their individuality and spirit, these select few women who have been loyal & inspirational to the brand are sketched in one of their favorite Norman Ambrose pieces. As a finishing touch to immortalize her, I write a narrative accompanying the original artwork."

A coifed exterior, echoing that primal allure rare amongst the female sex. She works a room, men’s eyes avoiding, women’s following, the apparent sin of envy. Beyond this feline exterior, lies within a heart of gold; rich with instinctual nurturing and care. Beneath her softly curled hair exists a mind always at work who’s thoughts verbalized by experienced lips, expose the richness of her accomplishments.

Slight of frame, a lady perfectly defined. Commanding perfection, she delivers flawless to expectation. Beneath her accomplishments are the enthusiasms of a young girl, lover of life, flame to a candle burning bright. Cherished and admired, the confidence given a woman loved is second to none.  

Soft apple cheeks, rose lips, strawberries and cream. An exterior glorified by the generous curves of Eve. Her vulnerability only visible to the most observant, veiled by a disarming genuine kindness. A strength of character wrapped with sincerity, her quick mind and free sense of humor filled with charming candor. Loyal to those she loves, cherished bonds are ties that she holds dear to her heart.

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