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<< All great art is born of the metropolis. >>     (Ezra Pound) 

A city steeped in cultural and economic history, New York is unlike any other in the world. Once a Dutch fur trading outpost, the city has evolved into the largest and most influential mecca of finance, industry and the arts in the United States. A melting pot of global cultures, the city gives rise to artists and creators reflecting the eras of which they are present. Fashion is like a looking glass, mirroring the sensibilities and attitudes of the time. Norman casts his light to this glass, his creations the reflection.

New York’s influence as a major fashion capital is undeniable. As a globally respected manufacturing center, the city plays a central role in the hand crafted product and quality Norman is best known for. His team of skilled individuals who originate from countries all over the world are prized for their talents.  These skills brought them together with the purpose of achieving a singular goal, that of accomplishment steeped in mysticism and beauty.

Norman in his workroom

Surrounded by unique architecture reflecting the city’s economic and social evolution, New York captivated Norman since a very early age. Just as San Francisco influenced the boy, so does New York influence the man. From the ornate limestone palaces of Wall Street and the financial district to the mid-town glass towers of a new global elite, the craftsmanship of these magnificent structures young and old are forever inspiring, echoing his credo.


A/W 2019


The limestone palaces of the Financial District

Although the tides of change are often found challenging to accept, they possess an inherent beauty as they contrast and combine with the sands of the past. New York is a city forever evolving, bringing about new styles within all of the artistic disciplines. Just as the continuous re-birth of New York gives new life to its past, so too are the elements Norman arranges when creating each new collection.


It is for these reasons Norman Ambrose is headquartered in the unique city of New York. 

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