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autumn / winter 2020

Nothing great was ever built without a solid foundation.
This season I was inspired through the rediscovery of my
foundation, by going back to ready-to-wear and creating
the ESSENTIALS collection.
It's no secret that my mother is a continual source of inspiration.
She had a powerful resolve to survive incredible obstacles.
As a young girl she resisted and fled the 56' Russian communist
occupation of Hungary, outwitted sexism in the workplace in the
late 1970's, and survived terminal illnesses throughout her lifetime.
Much like my mother, Bond in the 007 series held the strongest
resolutions and willpower's of the world, ultimately saving it every
time. He too fought against tyranny, oppressive adversaries, and
terminal injury all for love of country and preservation of freedom.
This year's campaign the Ambrose woman echoes Bond,
symbolic of her strong resolution and willpower.
The ESSENTIALS jersey collection is the foundation to which
strength through style is achieved.
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